Revenue Source Code 0355 facilitates the matching of federal revenues and expenditures for budget purposes. for claims containing the revenue codes listed in the table in the Policy section. outpatient UB-04 claims 0621-0624 Medical Surgical Supplies : X . 0279 Other Supplies/Devices SUPPLY/OTHER Medical/Surgical Supplies and Devices (also see 062X, an extension of 027X) 0280 General Classification ONCOLOGY Oncology ... Revenue Code Description Category . Major Revenue code list Revenue Codes Major Category Description X indicates that a HCPCS or CPT code is required for outpatient UB-04 claims ... 0279 Medical /Surgical Supplies 0280 Oncology X 0289 Oncology X 0290 Durable Medical Equipment X 0291-0294 Durable Medical Equipment X 0279 Other supplies/devices 0280 Oncology 0289 Other oncology 0290 Durable Medical Equipment (not renal) 0291 Rental 0292 Purchase – new equipment 0293 Purchase – used equipment ... Revenue Code and CPT/HCPCS Codes The Revenue Code and CPT/HCPCS codes must be compatible. X 3366.3 The FIs shall use MSN message 21.21, when denying services in these revenue codes. Implantable devices that have been granted pass-through status under OPPS should be coded with the appropriate HCPCS code and one of the following revenue codes: 0272, 0275, 0276, 0279… 028X Oncology . We bill high cost supplies with L8699 and revenue code 0279(other supplies/devices). Billing Codes Revenue Codes Codes from the Uniform Billing Editor are used to indicate the various services provided during a hospitalization. For more clarification ... 0279* Other Supplies/Devices Note: This code can be used to bill the burn pressure garment fitted to burn patients. Revenue Codes. ... even though the related expenditures are charged to federal expenditure authority codes. X 3366.4 The FIs shall place reason code … For example: Revenue Codes – Inpatient. 0279: Vessel Registration Fees. 0280 General Classification ONCOLOGY . 5898.2 Medicare contractors shall limit the allowable revenue codes for CPT code 96152 to revenue codes 0560, 0569, 0900, 0911, 0914 and 0919 on 75x bill types. X 3366.2 The SSM shall deny lines containing the prohibited revenue codes with the appropriate MSN. The following is a complete list of allowable revenue codes for institutional claims for outpatient hospital services. X 5898.2.1 Medicare contractors shall return to provider 75x bill types that contain CPT code 96152 reported with any revenue codes other than 0560, 0569, 0900, 0911, 0914 and 0919. Provider Handbook 837 Institutional/UB-92 Claim Form 0631-0635 : X . Note: Providers are required to enter revenue codes for accommodation and ancillary services in Form Locator 42 of the UB-04 Claim Form. Major Category Description . X Pharmacy : 0636 . The use of 99070 for our facility resulted in audits and refund requests. July 2011 3.3 COVERED REVENUE CODES – INPATIENT SERVICES (Continued) 021X Coronary Care ... 0279 Other Supplies/Devices SUPPLY/OTHER . 0289 Other Oncology ONCOLOGY/OTHER . X indicates that a HCPCS or : CPT code is required for . With the use of accessories (needed to assist in the insertion of function of a device) we … Harvard Pilgrim Health Care—Provider Manual H.31 June 2020 Payment Policies Billing Requirements for Outpatient Revenue Codes Outpatient Revenue Codes1 outpatient UB-04 claims must be billed with both a revenue code and a cPt or HcPcs code.2 a revenue code must be assigned (Form locator [Fl] 42) on the paper UB-04 or loop 2400, sV2 segment with appropriate revenue code in sV201

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