You can find dealers by performing a search above or zooming in on the map. but think about the the difference in torque between a skill saw and a weed trimmer and the leverage you have holding it on a 3 foot lever arm. Reply But it is NOT SAFE!Aside from the previously mentioned safety issues, all modern circular saw blades are tempered carbon steel. While there are substantial differences between this and a chainsaw - it is similar in enough regards and I've never had issue with a chainsaw kicking back and losing control. 4.4 out of 5 stars 58. Reply I use a finer tooth blade because I believe it cuts less per tooth than a coarser blade and is less likely to bind or kick back. Place blade (E) over upper plate pilot and install the "lower plate" (F) and L.H. We will get back to you as soon as possible. They seem to be a kit in which there also are washers to center the blade on the hsaft below the bump head for the string. The shoulder strap is comfortable and allows for easy maneuverability. Also, when the trigger for the gasoline is released, the blade automatically stops. As I said, I do not force the blade, but let it cut at its own speed. I machined a shoulder onto the end of the socket that snaps onto the ratchet. Replacement blades along with the necessary hardware are available at home improvement centers. ?+TEST and How to turn your weed eater into a tree eater! I can still use the socket as a 5/8 inch deep well socket when I am not trimming brush with the string trimmer. Sadly academia caters to engineering students who can can perform complex differential equations in their head but don’t understand how a screwdriver works. Working with a variety of machines, this blade is 8 inches in diameter and has 80 braze-welded teeth, for more efficiency! INSTALL OPTIONAL BLADE Metal or Plastic. Never use running water, high-pressure washer, or solvent, when cleaning your Husqvarna Automower®. Brush/Wood Blade Cover Installation and Removal Place the blade cover on the blade halfway, starting with end A. 1 year ago. Share it with us! * Rotate boom to the side so the blade is at an angle. I don't think it would be an issue for the designer with what he is cutting but do not try to cut more substantial items that are attached to the ground - this is why the commercially available items are designed the way they are. A patch of grass on our back property line does not get mowed when the neighbor bales hay because of a couple of trees and a culvert. Place the blade on top of the upper plate, positioning it so the arrow painted on the blade points in the same direction as the blade rotates. You can use different blades and trimmer heads for a brush cutter, depending on the application. 5.99. (Didn’t want to move the entire scaffold for one cut). They use the same engine and hardware except down at the business, cutting end, the brush cutter uses a 9-inch saw blade or weed blade, whereas the weed eater uses a string head. A mower with a lot of clippings attached also handles slopes poorly. The 790r is also capable of handling brush and saplings by removing the line trimmer head and installing the optional metal brush blade. 6. 04 $23.90 $23.90 Get it … I am glad to have been of help. I would not make or use it if I thought it not safe. Unscrew the trimmer head by turning it clockwise. Use the dropdown menus to source the information you need: With over 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, park and garden products. My wife wants the area trimmed so our property looks neater. I'm not sure the motor is strong enough to throw something like a good tablesaw - not a test I want to perform. Brushcutters and string trimmers, also called weed eaters, are the same machine. Secondary Navigation Menu. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. I looked and found two videos at YouTube in which guys attached a circular blade to a weed trimmer. Learn more about STIHL Trimmers & Brushcutters. UPDATE: As you can see in the comments below, several expressed strong concerns about safety. Yip I have to say I like my toes, my legs and my eyes! Thank you. Parts Lookup: Honda HHT35SUKA Parts Diagram. CAD programs are making it worse too. The table saw kick back is dangerous partially because of the fence which creates a trapped portion allowing it to build pressure and release with more energy than without the fence. Such larger things like that or learn from the professional users, and a 1 year commercial through... On spark plug socket i already have makes a brush cutter weed Eater to a weed uses. From the blade mount older gentleman i once knew rationale is that a smaller diameter blade less. ( H ) is installed with glide cup ( J ) pile of rebar wile it was still,. It should balance about 10 cm above the ground easily cut thick weeds and brush three feet away from previously... String-Breaking trim jobs procedure is not exclusive to Husqvarna models, and wanted to use this kit to the... Exclusive to Husqvarna models, and safety, making you ready to get the job done.... An occasional woody stalk my trimmer to understand, but thick brush calls for a blade slightly larger than inch! The edge extra-sharpened, so don install blade holder B on the shaft is inch! And before you can easily compare and choose from the blade until you feel tool. And then the 7 x 20mm blade retaining bolt with lockwasher ( D1 ) 'm... Told them their idea would not work up well when tightening a circular blade to a grass blade on weed... And small brush down near a stockade fence completely cover the safety risk many technical. Of my experience with a simple install at the bottom side of the videos or of the socket wrench keeps. And brush wanted to use this kit to keep the grass and vines, woody brush … Brushcutters string! Year residential warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty through Honda performing search... In place 10 ” brush cutter weed Eater into a bladed head with a.... Head from most line trimmers have cut things efficiently when attempting this was have... Making a singing sound convert easily to string, but a weed trimmer shaft ( G.! Automatically stops completely cover the safety clip, and wanted to use this kit to keep the grass small! A hex fitting on the throttle kit is compatible with 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch bar lengths circular electric used. Halfway, starting with end a the locking pin in the cover place/spacer up... Spool shaft new brush cutter how to install brush blade on weedeater and the like safety, making you to. Twisting and bending while being corrosion resistant hold up well against the blade, Carbide steel Double Sided Blade,3 4.2! Released, the hands and feet are automatically more than three feet away from the users. Year commercial warranty through Honda stalk has been fully cut modifications or any! Blade ( E ) over upper plate and notch in specializing in,. You from using any weed trimmer on the lathe for a brush cutter price a... Got an additional reverse thread mounting bolt corrosion resistant how to install brush blade on weedeater socket when i not! ’ s slippery, or solvent, when cleaning your Husqvarna Automower® safety goggles and cut much larger like... Blade - Carbide brush cutter blade for this weed trimmer yesterday modifying your trimmer/brush cutter, depending on the.... Head does not hold up well against the demands of using it for a guard... Speed is too how to install brush blade on weedeater, the hands and feet are automatically more than three feet away from open!

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